The Turn (TJL 3.4)

Monday                                                        Matthew 21:1-11

Riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, Jesus made a statement to the people that He was the Messiah, the one who would deliver them. In response, the Jews gathered palm branches and waved and laid them before Jesus. Why?  When coins were minted for the last time, following the Maccabean revolt, one emblem that appeared on them was—you guessed it—palm branches! So, by gathering them, people were declaring Jesus as a revolutionary who would overthrow Rome. As Judas marched alongside Jesus, do you think he saw this and, knowing Jesus’ true heart was not for overthrowing Rome, confirmed his betrayal?


I assume to know what Your plan is. I think that I have the answers, and sometimes I even think my plan is better than Yours. Forgive me for this. Forgive me for trying to lean on my own understanding instead of Yours. Help me to see the joy of Palm Sunday and the joy and release that can be found in choosing Your path. Amen

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