The Turn (TJL 3.5)

Tuesday                                                       Matthew 21:11-17

Further confirming assertions that He was a revolutionary, Jesus physically clears the temple of price-gouging, Rome-serving Jews who excluded the poor from worship with raised prices on worship elements. Do you think Judas would have been given hope for a possible overthrow of Rome? Given Jesus’ violent tendencies here (John’s version even says He crafted a whip of cords!), do you think Judas might have betrayed Jesus in an attempt to force His hand toward revolution?

O God,

I know that I have tested You in the hope that You might do things my way. I have pushed for action when prayerful waiting was the answer. I’ve bargained with You in moments of fear and weakness. Forgive me for this. Take away my evil tendencies and show me Your light! Amen

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