The Turn (TJL 3.6)

Wednesday                                                  Luke 22:1-6

While we cannot simply let Judas “off the hook,” it is important to note that Luke suggests that Judas’ betrayal is both the work of Judas and Satan. As some have said, “The devil made me do it.” Perhaps this is Luke’s way of saying that we don’t exactly know what drove Judas. It could have been money, or power, or disappointment, or hurt feelings from Jesus, or an attempt to get Jesus to fight back against the Romans. But in the end, Judas betrayed Jesus because of what Satan had worked in Judas’ heart. The lesson for us is that our emotions, desires, and thoughts must all be checked before God, because we, too, can unknowingly be lured by Satan to do the unthinkable.

Lord I don’t want to betray You. But I fall prey to temptation. I listen to the world even though I know You are stronger and louder than all that other noise. Help to listen. Guide me to choose You. Lead me this week into checking my heart and my actions before You. Encourage me to seek You and only You. Amen

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