While there have not yet been any confirmed cases of the coronavirus/COVID-19 in Alabama, we anticipate that this is likely to change in the near future, particularly as students travel to and return from areas with more widespread cases over spring break. As we prepare for this eventuality, we wanted to share how Bama Wesley could be affected and the plans we have in place.

Actions Being Taken Now

  • We are ensuring that we have an adequate supply of items such as soap, hand sanitizer, and cleaning agents on hand, and that those items are effective against the coronavirus as determined by the EPA.
  • We are reinforcing proper handwashing and sanitation protocols, particularly with students and staff who participate in high-contact activities such as food preparation.
  • Students and staff who are considered to be at high risk for contracting COVID-19 according to CDC guidelines (including those who have or may have come into contact with an infected individual, or those who have traveled to an area with a widespread outbreak) will not be permitted to participate in high-contact activities for two weeks or until medically cleared.
  • We are actively encouraging students and staff who are ill for any reason to stay home.
  • We are implementing contingency plans to ensure that operations are able to continue to the extent it is possible to do so safely in the event that staff or student volunteers become ill or are quarantined.
  • We will be taking steps where appropriate to limit opportunities for the transmission of the coronavirus in activities such as communion.

Future Actions

In general, it is Bama Wesley’s policy to follow the guidance of the University of Alabama on issues of public safety, and we are in regular contact with University officials. In the event that the University cancels in-person classes or otherwise suspends operations, Bama Wesley’s facility will be closed and operations suspended. 

Intermediate steps to this will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may include suspension of large group gatherings such as meals and worship services, closure of Bama Wesley’s facility outside of scheduled events, and other actions as necessary.

Questions and Additional Information

Any changes in Bama Wesley’s operations will be communicated via email, social media, and Bama Wesley’s website. We also encourage you to visit the University of Alabama’s website about COVID-19, as well as other official channels, as we will follow their lead on any closures or other changes to operations.

For current information about COVID-19 and impacts in Alabama, we encourage you to consult the CDC, the Alabama Department of Public Health, and the University of Alabama. If you have specific questions about Bama Wesley’s planning and response, please email

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