Interns and Coordinators at Bama Wesley

If you’re reading this page, most likely you are considering applying for an Intern or Coordinator position at Bama Wesley. We’re so thankful for your willingness to serve in this way and look forward to continuing this journey with you as we discern whether this is how God is calling you to serve. We want to be upfront about the application process and what is expected of you now and if you are selected to be one of our Interns or Coordinators. This page explains most of that, but if you still have questions please feel free to contact one of our current Interns or Executive Staff members. We would love to discuss any questions you may have and pray with you about your interests, capacity, and the expectations of these positions.

What you’re getting into

Both Intern and Coordinator positions at Bama Wesley come with considerable authority and commensurate responsibility. In discerning whether these positions are the best ways for you to serve, we encourage you to prayerfully consider whether you can responsibly commit to the time requirements of each position in light of your school work, as well as your ability to uphold the high standards to which leaders at Bama Wesley are held.

Expectations of Interns and Coordinators

To a large degree, the expectations of you (and, by extension, your team) will vary based on the needs of the ministry. However, there are some baseline expectations for all members of our Intern and Coordinator team:

For both Interns and Coordinators

  • Be at least a rising second-semester freshman (for Coordinators) or a rising sophomore (for Interns)
  • Be able to serve for the entirety of your term of service
  • Uphold Bama Wesley’s leadership standards both in the course and outside of your official responsibilities
  • Be regularly engaged in the life of the ministry, including in areas outside of those where they serve
  • Participate in Wesley’s

For Interns

  • Participate in a 90-minute weekly staff meeting (generally Sunday afternoons, though we reevaluate this each semester and can adjust if needed).
  • Meet regularly with the Campus Pastor for a check in with your team and leadership development.
  • Meet as needed with your team no less frequently than monthly.
  • Participate in the life of Bama Wesley, including worship, pre-service prayer, and events.
  • Participate in Wesley’s Covenant Discipleship process for the time that you are on staff.

For Coordinators

  • Participate in one-on-one meetings with the Intern to whom you report as requested.
  • Participate in team meetings.
  • Participate in monthly leadership meetings.
  • Participate in the life of Bama Wesley, including worship, pre-service prayer, and events.

Terms of Service

Interns are expected to commit to a full school year of service, beginning on August 1 and ending on May 31.

Coordinators will generally serve for a full school year, but may choose to commit to only one semester. If you know you will be co-oping, studying abroad, or otherwise will not be on campus full-time for the full school year, we encourage you to consider applying for a Coordinator position.

How applicants are assessed

We want to be upfront about how we assess applicants for both Intern and Coordinator positions. At Bama Wesley, all staff are hired based primarily on four criteria:

Character: We expect leaders, and staff in particular, to be persons of high character. In other words, we want people who represent Wesley just as well on Saturday night as they do on Wednesday night. These expectations are spelled out in the Intern and Leadership Covenants you will be required to agree to as part of the hiring process if you haven’t already. For Wesley, character also involves having an active, growing relationship with God as demonstrated through both personal and corporate worship and discipleship.

Chemistry: Throughout the year you will work very closely with your fellow interns, Wesley’s Executive Staff, coordinators within your ministry area (as applicable), and students serving on your team. Because your best support will come from your team – both the staff team and your ministry area – we want to make sure you fit in well with the team and the ministry as a whole.

Capacity: We look for capacity in two ways. First, are you willing and able to grow both as a leader and technically within your ministry area? We don’t expect you to know everything about your ministry area on day one. We do, however, expect you to be actively learning and growing in your role. We’ll do much of this as a group, but we also expect you to take the initiative to learn about leadership and the technical aspects of your specific ministry area.

Secondly, we want to know if you have the margin in your life to take on this substantial responsibility. Interns commit a substantial amount of time to Bama Wesley, and it benefits no one if you spend the semester stressed out because you’re taking 21 credit hours in addition to your responsibilities at Wesley. This does not mean you can’t be busy, but if you already have a lot going on in your life expect some questions about how you manage your time, including allowing time to take care of yourself.

Competence: Technical competence in your ministry area is intentionally the last thing on our hiring criteria because we don’t by any means expect you to be an expert when you walk in the door (and we expect to do some on-the-job training with you, especially during your first few weeks on staff). However, we do want you to have at least a baseline level of competence, and if you’re applying to be our Fellowship Intern, for instance, and have never planned an event, that might not be the best role for you.

Other Considerations: While these “4 Cs” are the primary areas in which you will be assessed, there are a few other things we’ll be looking at as we review your applications:

  • Involvement in Wesley: We believe you’ll be most successful if you have already been involved in Wesley in some capacity, preferably as part of the leadership team for which you are applying. It’s also a plus if you’ve been involved in a small group and/or Phoenix Group.
  • Year in School: Anyone that is a rising second-semester freshman or older is welcome to apply for any open positions, but we do offer that we have found rising juniors to be most successful as they have the experience with Wesley necessary to understand our vision, but have not yet started being pulled in multiple directions as they look at grad school and life after college. If you’re not a rising junior, we will ask about your understanding of Wesley’s vision and your ability to take on these responsibilities during your interview.

What to expect

If, after reading all of this, you still want to apply, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Application: You’ll complete your application electronically and receive confirmation that we have received it (if you don’t get this within 6 hours, please email The application asks for some basic contact information, including typical items like your resume.
  2. Interview: Even if you’re already part of Wesley, this is our chance to get to know you better and ask some specific questions about whether being on staff is a good fit for you. This process looks a little different for Interns and Coordinators.
    • Interviews for Interns take place on a single day in a retreat-like format. Your interview will take approximately an hour, during which you’ll meet with two groups of our Executive Staff and current interns. We’ve found that this is the best way for us to get to know you, and to bring in the wisdom of all of our current staff, not just the current Intern in the position for which you’ll be applying. After you’ve applied, we’ll be in touch to set up your specific time to interview.
    • Interviews for Coordinators take place on a rolling basis during the month of April, and after you’ve submitted your application we’ll contact you to set up a time. Coordinator interviews include one member of our Executive Staff, the current Intern for the team to which your position is assigned, and the incoming Intern with whom you’ll be working if selected. From time to time, we may bring in additional people (such as the current Coordinator in the position) who have specific expertise and can help us ask useful questions.
  3. Notification: We try to not keep you waiting any longer than necessary to hear back about whether you’ve been selected for the position for which you have applied. While we don’t want to promise any particular timeline, we’ll generally try and announce Intern positions on the Wednesday after the interview retreat (we’ll let you know ahead of time whether you’ve been selected), and Coordinator positions by the last service of the school year.

A final note…

We believe that there is a place for anyone who wishes to serve at Bama Wesley. Even if you are not selected for a staff position, we encourage you to get involved with one of our ministry teams where we believe God can and will use you to make a life-changing impact on campus.

Who to contact with questions

If you have questions not answered here about the responsibilities and expectations of Interns and Coordinators, please speak with any of our current Interns or Executive Staff members. The hiring process is managed by the Campus Ministry Administration office, so if you have questions about your application, interview, or any other part of the application process not answered here, please feel free to contact John Fleischauer at or sign up for an appointment by clicking here.