Interns and Coordinators at Bama Wesley

The bulk of the work of ministry at Bama Wesley is carried out by our team of Interns and Coordinators. Both types of positions are filled by students primarily (though not exclusively) in their junior year.

Can I give directly to a particular project or ministry?

Bama Wesley has three permanent funds for donors to choose from when making a financial contribution:

  • The General Fund supports the entirety of Bama Wesley’s ministry, including both the direct costs of programming as well as administrative necessities such as staff compensation and facility expenses.
  • The Capital Fund supports major investments that will have an enduring impact on the ministry. Primarily, these funds provide for significant repairs and upgrades to our facility, including repair and replacement of major equipment, facility upgrades and enhancements, and similar projects.
  • The Meals Fund is used to support the twice-weekly meals offered free of charge to students.

In addition to the three permanent funds, Bama Wesley periodically will open temporary funds for specific projects such as mission trips.

As a general rule, Bama Wesley does not accept contributions that are restricted beyond these pre-designated funds. This allows us to ensure that resources are available where they will have the greatest impact on the ministry

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How much does online giving cost Bama Wesley?

Through our partnership with our online giving provider, PlanningCenter, and our payment processor, Stripe, Bama Wesley receives competitive rates for the processing of online transactions: a flat $0.25 per transaction for ACH (bank transfer) transactions, and 2.3% + $0.30 per transaction for credit and debit card transactions. Since the vast majority of our individual contributions are received online, we believe it’s worth these nominal processing fees to allow donors the most flexibility and convenience possible when they support Bama Wesley (in fact, our data showed a marked increase in donations shortly after introducing online giving).

However, if you’d like to help offset the cost of processing online transactions, you can choose to “cover the cost” when making your online donation – just check the box at the end of the donation form, and the cost of processing your donation will be added to the donation amount, ensuring that the full donation is available to support Bama Wesley’s ministry.

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Is online giving secure?

Yes. Bama Wesley takes very seriously the security of your financial information, including both giving records and payment data such as account numbers.

Internally, access to any financial information is strictly limited to select staff members, with regular reviews of our policies, procedures, and records. In general, any reporting related to giving is done in aggregate, meaning that only aggregate totals and not individual donation amounts are reported.

We take significant technical steps to ensure the security of your data. Any payment information is encrypted between your browser and our servers using industry-standard SSL encryption. Vendors of systems not directly managed and controlled by Bama Wesley are thoroughly vetted to ensure their own security practices meet or exceed industry standards. Our online giving and event registration provider (which supports the vast majority of online donations), PlanningCenter, has never had a security-related breach and has adopted robust procedures for security on their end which can be found here.

Finally, the payment processor that supports any online transactions for Bama Wesley, Stripe, also supports some of the world’s most prominent companies and non-profits, and chances are you’ve used them and don’t realize it. Any stored payment data resides only with Stripe and not on Bama Wesley’s servers. Stripe is certified as a Level I Service Provider by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which is the most stringent level of certification available for online payment processors. For more details on Stripe’s security practices, click here.

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What is an intern at Bama Wesley?

Interns at Bama Wesley commit to one year (two semesters) of service beginning in August and ending in May. Each of Bama Wesley’s ministry teams (Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Call Discovery, Outreach, and Communications) is led by an Intern who is charged with developing and implementing the team’s vision. Interns are responsible for overseeing their ministry area’s programming, including administrative responsibilities such as overseeing their team’s budget. Interns supervise Coordinators as well as volunteer team members, and are responsible for developing leaders within their team.

Recognizing the high level of responsibility placed on Interns, they also receive substantial support from Bama Wesley’s Executive Staff. Interns meet as a group on a weekly basis, and at least once per month meet individually with both the Campus Pastor for individual leadership development and either a staff member or appropriately trained and screened individual outside of Bama Wesley for spiritual formation.

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What is a coordinator at Bama Wesley?

Coordinators at Bama Wesley commit to one semester of service beginning in either August or January and are charged with implementing their team’s vision in cooperation with the Intern of the team of which they are a part. Coordinators have a lesser time commitment and set of responsibilities than Interns, but are critical for executing plans developed by the team. The specific responsibilities for each team’s Coordinator(s) are determined by the Intern for the team of which they are a part in coordination with the Executive Staff, and are available in the description for each position.

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What is the time commitment for student employees at Bama Wesley?

At Bama Wesley, we recognize that student employees are first students, and thus expect that to be their first focus. We also believe that a well-rounded college experience including not only academics but also a social life and engagement in other campus organizations only enhances our ministry.

In general, interns can expect to commit between 7 and 10 hours per week. This includes certain meetings and events that are required of all interns (including a weekly staff meeting and participation in major organization-wide events such as our weekly worship services) as well as time working with your team.

Coordinators can expect to commit between 5 and 7 hours per week. Specific requirements for coordinators will be largely based on the team of which they are a part, with required meetings and events determined by the intern leading that team in coordination with the Executive Staff.

If you have questions about the time commitment for an intern or coordinator position, please email administration@bamawesley.org.

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Where do I apply?

Applications for Intern positions open each January for the following school year, and Interns are selected by mid-February. Applications for Coordinator positions open each March (for the fall semester) and October (for the spring semester as needed), and Coordinators are selected by mid-April and mid-November. All available positions can be found here.

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