Executive Staff

Bama Wesley’s Executive Staff consists of our pastoral staff as well as any associate directors. The Executive Staff serves on a permanent basis, and is responsible for the overall leadership and oversight of the ministry.

Wade Langer
Campus Pastor
John Fleischauer
Executive Pastor

Programming Staff

Bama Wesley’s Programming Staff consists of our interns and coordinators, who provide leadership over our core ministry areas of Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Outreach, and Call Discovery; as well as our Communications and Game Day teams. Any student entering their sophomore year or later is invited to apply each spring for one of our intern positions, and additional details can be found here.

Sam Donley
Fellowship Intern
Ruth Hallstead
Discipleship Intern

Ruth is a sophomore from WI (yeah it’s cold there and she does like cheese), majoring in Communication and Spanish and minoring in the Blount Scholars Program. She loves getting people plugged into small groups and helping them examine their faith more deeply! When she’s not in class or at Wesley, you can find her outside, pedaling through the woods or on the road or laying (lying?) in the grass looking at the sky pondering life’s biggest questions like why she doesn’t have a tree house yet.

Will Harper
Outreach Intern
Logan Henderson
Worship Intern

Hi, my name’s Logan and I love worship. That’s why I’m the worship intern here! My team is in charge of engaging and equipping our students with songs and opportunities to worship God and see Him in the world around them. Some neat things about me: I once rode with Mickey Mouse in a parade in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I was in a sick music video, and I play the banjo.

John Austin Higginbotham
Call Discovery Intern
Amelia Volpe
Communications Intern

Amelia is a junior majoring in History and English and minoring in Computer Technology. She’s all about keeping people updated on everything happening at Wesley–if you’ve gotten an email from Bama Wesley, it was probably from her! She loves writing letters, Oxford commas, and being in libraries. Fun fact: Amelia is a professional calligrapher!

Charlie Warren
Administration Intern

I’m a senior Economics & Finance, Pre-Law, major from Dallas, Texas. I chose to serve in my particular ministry area because it’s loosely related to my field of study, and I thought it to be the best way I could serve Wesley. A fun fact about me is that I’m a triplet!