This Week

Costa Rica Mission Trip

We are going on a mission trip over Spring Break to Costa Rica. Registration is open (click here) from now until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Contact Andrew (adarrow@bamawesley.org) for more information.

Leadership Meeting

This Sunday 12/3 at 6:30 p.m. is the last leadership meeting of the semester.


If you are a senior graduating this semester, please fill out this form! Thank you!

Relay for Life

If you would like to join our Relay for Life team and help us reach our goals, you can join here.

Join us for Prayer and Communion!

We are having a weekly prayer and Communion service at 10:30am on Mondays, and will regather at 7:15pm on Tuesdays for pre-service prayer. See below for details.

Parent Emails

We want to get in touch with your parents! In addition to keeping them in the loop about what’s happening at Wesley, we’ll be offering exam care packages for purchase during finals week (and you definitely don’t want to miss out on those). Send us their email address here (or just send them a link to that page).

Christmas Party

Friday 12/8 at 6:00 p.m. we are having a Christmas party! The party will include dinner, games, Dirty Santa, and more! Be sure to wear your best (or tackiest) Christmas outfit!


Every Week

Weekly Prayer/Communion

Start your week off with Communion and prayer! Beginning after Thanksgiving, we’ll be having a prayer service with Communion at 10:30am on Mondays (if you’d like to learn more about what we believe about Communion click here, and even if you’d rather not receive Communion you’re still welcome to join us for prayer).

During this service you’ll be invited to prayer walk over the next day before worship, and we’ll gather back together at 7:15pm on Tuesdays for a closing pre-service prayer. If you’ve never prayer walked before but would like to learn what it’s all about, we’ll have a small group you can join at 6:45pm on Tuesdays.

Common Meals

Thursdays from 6:00 -7:30 p.m. we have dinner, and Mondays from 11:30 – 12:30 we have lunch. These are every week that classes are in session.