Phoenix Awards

Every year, Bama Wesley presents four awards to students who have shown an extraordinary commitment to Wesley, its mission, and its ministry throughout the school year. These students serve as examples to their peers of what it means to live a life characterized by God’s grace and a commitment to God’s work in the world. 

These awards, which are described below, include a monetary prize and are presented during Bama Wesley’s Spring Banquet. Winners are selected from among the nominees by a team that includes Bama Wesley’s Executive (pastoral) Staff, current interns, current Student Board members, and members-elect of the Student Board.


Any student who is currently a participant in Bama Wesley’s ministry is eligible to be nominated. To do so, please complete the form below. Note that nominations for 2019 are due by April 3, 2019.

Nominations for the 2019 Phoenix Awards have closed. Winners will be announced at Spring Banquet on April 13.

The Awards

Peter Award

The Peter Award recognizes a student who, like Peter stepping out of the boat to follow Jesus in Matthew 14, has “stepped out in faith” over the past year. While this can take a variety of forms, the main qualification is that the student does something significant outside of their comfort zone that advances God’s work in the world.

Past Winners

Alex Wilson (2018)

James Award

The James Award is named after James, the brother of Jesus, who was the leader of the Jerusalem Church in the first century. As the leader of the Jerusalem Church, James presided over the Council of Jerusalem that opened the Church to Gentiles. The award recognizes a student who has demonstrated exemplary leadership over the previous school year, inspiring, supporting, and equipping those around them for the work of ministry.

Past Winners

Mara Stewart (2018)

John Award

Scripture tells us that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all one’s heart, mind, soul, and strength; and the second is to love one’s neighbor as oneself (Matthew 22:35-40). The John Award recognizes someone who has exemplified both of these commandments, demonstrating a deep love for both God and others through oftentimes unnoticed acts of service.

Past Winners

Leann Locke (2018)

Barnabas Award

The Barnabas Award is named after the apostle Paul’s traveling companion in the book of Acts, who routinely encouraged him even during some of the darkest times of his ministry. This award recognizes someone who is a constant source of encouragement and inspiration, spurring those around them to be who God has created them to be and do what God has uniquely created them to do even when doing so is difficult. 

Past Winners

Hayley Tolley (2018)