Listening to this song, AC/DC sounds pretty sure of their destination and the route they’re taking to get there.  Now, for me, the idea of being on a Highway to Hell is a little frightening (I’ve read really bad reviews), but upon further reflection I realized this metaphorical highway is […]

Highway to Hell (Friday)

by Ruth Hallstead Last week we learned all about stepping up to serve others. That can be hard for so many reasons, and unfortunately the biggest reason is something we have absolutely no control over; our age and experience level. So often, we are discounted and pushed to the side. […]

I Got You Babe (Monday)

….and you were sad, very sad without the usual crowd. Check out today’s devo! (there’s no more cringe-worthy parodying, promise) by Ruth Hallstead There are people in this word that will drop everything the second they are needed by another. That somebody you can call (and wake up) at 2 […]

A Thousand Miles (Monday)