by Ruth Hallstead You’ve eaten the turkey, stuffing (or dressing?), cranberry sauce, maybe some pie… and now you’re back on campus. It was great to see family, or maybe just hang out with friends over the break. But classes resume today and it’s crunch time. Project deadlines loom, finals are […]

Away in a Manger (Monday)

In Moana, the titular character ventures out to the real world, despite her dad’s fears of danger.  Sometimes, when I look into the real world I feel scared of the danger out there.  I mean, the news is overwhelming and, honestly, the world is kind of a mess. (Wade even […]

You’re Welcome (Friday)

by Hannah Alford With only a week leading up to Thanksgiving break, the matter on many students’ minds is, stress, anxiety, and almost least of all these, being thankful. It’s not our fault, when we become centered around school and how many tests  or projects we have, the emphasis on […]

You’re Welcome (Wednesday)

by Ruth Hallstead It’s about to be “the most wonderful time of the year”. It’s getting colder, snow is in the air (well, maybe not in Tuscaloosa’s air), stores are assaulting us with advertisements, lights are going up… But wait! It’s only November. There is still one more holiday before […]

You’re Welcome (Monday)