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Ash Wednesday 1


Jonathan Holle

Proverbs 6:6-9
College is a time for sloth. Students are expected to excel in the classroom and be conscious of their own futures, building toward them with extracurricular activities, jobs, and internships while also maintaining a pleasant attitude and robust social sphere. It is absolutely exhausting. It makes perfect sense that so many students spend what little free time they have sleeping, bingeing television, or playing video games. But just because it makes sense, doesn’t mean that it’s right. We learn the importance of rest in Genesis, and we maintain the sabbath tradition to this day, but there is a difference between rest and folly. Proverbs 6 makes the distinction clear: work as the ant does, relentlessly, wisely, and without the need for an earthly overseer. Trust in the Lord with your work.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the opportunity you give us to remember your sacrifice through a season of fasting. Help us this Lent to distinguish between a holy rest and mundane folly. Bring us closer to you through our fasting. We pray for wisdom, guidance, and strength. We love you, Lord. Help us to become more aware of your love.


Jailbreak 2.4



Exodus 8:8-14

I think there are two huge messages in this passage. First, God answers prayers. Not always this dramatically of course, but He does. And we can certainly take confidence in that. Second? The most powerful guy in the world (to his knowledge) has his land inundated with frogs. And he calls in these two dudes and asks them to pray for him. We have to take a step back and appreciate the craziness of this for just a moment. Pharaoh is a god-king… yet when frogs come around he goes and gets some shepherds to pray to an unseen deity to fix his land! What if we had the faith of Pharaoh (without the whole slavery thing)? He is so matter-of-fact about it too… He just says hey pray for me would ya? He doesn’t question God’s power or hesitate for even a second. Just marinate on that this week…I certainly will be.

Lord, You are all powerful. Help me to have the faith of Pharoah. Show me how to trust You in the waiting. Guide me in bringing everything to You first and giving up even the pretense of control on my part. Amen

Jailbreak 2.3


John Austin Higginbotham

Exodus 3:7-8


This is passage speaks to me and is a favorite story of mine from the Old Testament. A burning bush which is not consumed, a dude out in the middle of nowhere with his sheep, staffs turning into snakes and back again; this is one of the most interesting stories in the Bible to me. But the thing that speaks to me the most is the theme of God’s continuous interest and activity amongst us, His people. Throughout all of the dialogue, a major point is made: God has continually watched over us. God hears our cries when we are in need and oppressed by the world around us. And God actively intervenes to help His people when it comes time. Not only does he care and intervene for us, but much of the time he uses us or our fellow man to do so. He actively equips us to carry out this work. It’s one of the most beautiful things to behold. As Christians we refer to the Holy Spirit given unto us as his present activity in the world. And just as with Moses being called to affect the world around him and help rescue God’s people, so we Christians are called to rescue the world around us in the name of Christ and under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Oh Lord, allow us to hear Your call just as Moses did in the burning bush. More than that, help us to answer that call to change the world around us. I know You have plans for us, and only we can accomplish them. Lord we love You and trust You, help us to hear You too.


Jailbreak 2.2


Exodus 9:8-12

Wade talked about how each plague represents a little god of the Israelites, and I want to focus on the sixth plague, boils. I think this covers first of all vanity, but more broadly it covers ambivalence, taking advantage of what you’ve been given. How often do we fuel our bodies with garbage? How often do we sit inside instead of going outside? God gave us incredible bodies… Now, of course we are not equally able. But we’ve all got something uniquely wonderful to work with. How do we show respect for God’s creation of us? I think this plague specifically can really resonate with each of us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, now let’s act like it, shall we? This week, think about what you put in your body. And be mindful of what you do with it. Whether that is helping somebody out, studying outside, talking a walk or doing a serious workout, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you respect yourself and in turn show God that you value and appreciate what He has given you.

Lord, Guide me this week. Allow me to follow You and to show my appreciation for Your creation. Help me to value what You have done and do what is right to maintain that. Amen

Jailbreak 2.1


Charlie Warren

Exodus 7:15-16

I’ve always found it interesting how God uses us. Although omnipotent, he chooses to use us to drive our own narrative of humanity, all while demonstrating his power to us. This idea of God allowing us to drive our own narrative while simultaneously demonstrating his position as Creator is seen in this passage. God could easily have “fixed” the struggles of his people, but that would undermine the ability humanity has to make moral, godly decisions in times of hardship. So, the Lord instead used Moses and other Hebrew people so that they, along with God, may shape the story of their people.

God, you constantly present us with opportunities to humble ourselves and glorify you. Help us to always be attentive to how you are using us to fulfill your purpose, and to understand our place in the narrative you wish our lives to tell

Jailbreak 1.4


Will Harper

1 Corinthians 6:12

Many times when faced with multiple options and paths in our lives, we have to decide between an easier path, or a more difficult one; one that might be easier and yield less reward, or one that might be more challenging but be more beneficial. There are countless temptations in this scenario that may lead to you choosing one path over the other, many that may make your life easier but might not be the best for you, giving in to these temptations leads to them becoming overbearing on you. Giving half of your effort to do something rather than fully investing into it, putting things off, things like this that can lead to unneeded stress in your life. You have the ability to give into your temptations, but we are called to avoid them and give your all in what you do, this is what  “not be mastered by anything” means in the verse, being able to identify what is leading you into the less meaningful path and having the ability to say “no” and that you won’t let it power over you. This is how we should live in all aspects so that we may best be able to serve ourselves, and so that we can serve God’s plan for us as best we can.

I pray that as we go about our lives this week, that we are presented with opportunities with different paths we can take, so that we have the chance to overcome adversity and take power back in our own lives so that we may best serve you God.