Executive Staff

Bama Wesley’s Executive Staff consists of our pastoral staff as well as any associate directors. The Executive Staff serves on a permanent basis, and is responsible for the overall leadership and oversight of the ministry.

Rev. Dr. Wade Langer
Campus Pastor

Rev. John Fleischauer
Executive Pastor

Programming Staff

Bama Wesley’s Programming Staff consists of our interns and coordinators, who provide leadership over our core ministry areas of Upreach, Inreach, and Outreach.

Student Board

Bama Wesley’s Student Board serves as the elected leadership of the ministry and represents Bama Wesley in a variety of capacities including on campus, in local churches, and other ways.

Board of Directors

High-level oversight of Bama Wesley’s ministry is provided by our Board of Directors which includes representatives from local churches, alumni, parents of current students, and others who believe in and support Bama Wesley’s ministry.