Charles Irving

Hi, my name is Charles Irving, and I am Officer of Evangelism and Recruitment. I’m originally from the great state of North Carolina, but I moved to Alabama at the start of my middle school career to the almost unknown city of Ozark in Alabama! At UA I am majoring in History with Minors in Religious Studies and Political Science. I came to Wesley after being bullied by the amounts of emails, and one day I finally said what the heck and went. I’m so thankful that I made that decision. Wesley has given me the opportunity to make so many friends, develop outreach opportunities and it inspired me to want to pursue a future in theology! Other things about me, I’m a pisces, I love long walks on the beach, I am in love with Vampire Weekend and Grateful Dead, and I’m a bad sneaker head (I don’t know how to finance). Finally, I can carry all of my groceries in one trip, so that makes me the strongest person at UA.