Sarah Hartsell

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Hartsell, and I’m a creative media and art major from Birmingham, Alabama. This year I’m excited to be the Communications and Video Director for Bama Wesley! Before heading off to school I was very worried about getting involved, so I essentially read about every club/organization UA offers and landed on Bama Wesley as being a potential organization to join (which I don’t necessarily recommend you do lol). Also, I had friends from my home church who recommended I try it out, so I attended a few events during week of welcome. Now I’m here! My favorite music artist is absolutely Troye Sivan, but my current obsession is either Conan Gray or Olivia Rodrigo. That is to say I am very excited that concerts are happening again, and I am excited to get out and meet new people! If you ever want to grab coffee or have a question about anything just let me know!