Flight Paths

Flight Paths are Bama Wesley’s new member orientation. Consisting of three sessions (Rise, Ignite, and Soar), Flight Paths introduce students to who we are, what we believe, and what we do at Bama Wesley, with the goal of helping students to discover their God-given identity while fulfilling their God-ordained purpose.

Flight Paths are not required to participate in any activity at Bama Wesley. Whether worship, a fellowship event, a Bible study, or an outreach project, any student is welcome to participate in all we offer. However, Flight Paths are required to be part of our Discipleship Process, as well as to participate in leadership within the ministry.

Flight Paths are offered multiple times throughout each semester. Note that you must complete the three sessions in order (Rise, Ignite, then Soar), but they do not have to be completed back-to-back.

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The Flight Path Sessions


In Rise, you will learn about who and what Bama Wesley is, including what we believe about who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are; what the Church is; and what the Bible is. You’ll also have the opportunity to remember your baptism. As the United Methodist campus ministry to The University of Alabama, our beliefs are shaped by who we are as United Methodists in the Wesleyan tradition. However, you are welcome to join us regardless of your religious affiliation (or lack thereof)!


In Ignite, you will learn about the nature of the community at Bama Wesley, as well as how we are formed into who God dreams us to be through discipleship. After completing Ignite, you will be placed in a Spark Group which is the first step in our Discipleship Process.


In the final Flight Path session, Soar, you will learn more about the specific purpose for which you were uniquely created. As part of Soar, you will complete an extensive inventory that helps us (and you!) to learn more about your specific gifts, talents, and abilities; and to begin the conversation about how those come together to reveal the unique ways you can serve the church and the world. Soar is also a prerequisite for leadership at Bama Wesley, and is required to move from a Spark Group to an Ember Group as part of our Discipleship Process.