About Discipleship at Bama Wesley

At Bama Wesley, we believe Discipleship is the process through which we grow deeper in our faith, both individually and through small groups.

Freshman Small Groups

Freshman small groups are male- or female-specific groups that meet for a full year and are led by either an upperclassman or one or more of our Executive Staff. Freshman Small Groups are designed to give first-year students an opportunity for Bible study as well as being part of a community and processing their first year on campus.

Click here to view and sign up for available freshman small groups. 

Upperclassman Small Groups

Upperclassman small groups are co-ed groups that meet for a semester at a time. Upperclass small groups are typically led by one or more upperclassmen, and may be focused on a traditional Bible study, a book study, or a common activity.

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GT Groups

GT (or “Growing Together”) groups are short-term co-ed groups typically meeting for 6 weeks at a time. GT groups are based on a shared activity, and past groups have been based on cooking, woodworking, Final Fantasy XV, and sports just to name a few.

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Phoenix Groups

Phoenix Groups are Bama Wesley’s intensive discipleship groups that we often refer to as “P90X for the Soul”. Phoenix Groups are gender-specific groups restricted to students entering the second semester of their freshman year or older that meet for a semester at a time, and are led by one of our Executive Staff or an adult from the community. Phoenix Groups include 3-5 students that meet weekly, and during each meeting students are asked hard questions (like “how is it with your soul?” and “how have you sinned this week?”) that we believe help students to grow in their faith and become more like who God dreams them to be.

Membership in Phoenix Groups requires an application and interview, and students are required to re-apply each semester. Students who are interested in joining a Phoenix Group should complete the self-assessment available by clicking here. If you have questions about participating in a Phoenix Group, please speak with one of our pastors.

Discipleship Team

Alexandra Bolton

Discipleship Intern