Phoenix Groups

Phoenix Groups are the most intense form of discipleship available to students at Bama Wesley, and require the greatest degree of commitment and accountability on the part of members. In return, though, Phoenix Groups offer the greatest investment by and access to our pastors and other staff and leadership at Wesley, and provide the greatest opportunity for transformation.

Phoenix Groups are formed at the beginning of each semester, and typically will stay together for the remainder of the school year. They consist of up to five students of the same sex, and meet for approximately two hours at a time and place of the group’s choosing. Groups are led by non-students, either a member of our staff or a trusted individual from the community (typically either an alum of Bama Wesley or a pastor of a local church). During their meetings, Phoenix Groups ask all five Wesleyan Questions.

In addition, members of Phoenix Groups are asked to commit to leading an Ember Group on Sunday nights.

Who Can Join a Phoenix Group

Phoenix Groups are open to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Meet all requirements for participation in an Ember Group, and have participated in one for at least two semesters (one semester for those joining in Spring 2019)
  • Be at least a second-semester sophomore

How to Join

Because Phoenix Groups require a high degree of commitment and accountability, we require a rigorous application process to help us (and you) assess your readiness to participate in these groups.

Before applying to join a Phoenix Group, we encourage you to talk with your Ember Group leader(s). As Phoenix Group members themselves, they can offer input on your readiness to join one. Additionally, we will be seeking (and placing heavy weight on) their input as to your readiness to join a Phoenix Group.

Once you’re ready to apply, begin by completing the Phoenix Group Self-Assessment. Please allow sufficient time to prayerfully and honestly complete this, and know that there are no wrong answers – this is merely a tool to help us get to know you better and help you consider your readiness to join a Phoenix Group. Know, however, that the questions asked on the self-assessment are similar to the ones that you will be asked as part of a Phoenix Group, so this is a good opportunity to consider whether that level of accountability is something you desire.

Once you’ve completed your self-assessment, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview with our executive (pastoral) staff. As a general rule, our role is not to approve or deny you for participation in a Phoenix Group, but rather to inquire further as to the answers you provided on your self-assessment and to ensure that the expectations for membership in a Phoenix Group are clear.

After your interview, we will assign you to a group. As previously mentioned, Phoenix Groups are led by non-students, either a member of our staff or a trusted individual from the community (typically either an alumnus of Bama Wesley or a pastor of a local church). 


Phoenix Group members are required to complete a self-assessment every school year in order to continue participating in a group, but are not required to complete a new interview.