The Wesleyan Questions

In the earliest days of Methodism, John Wesley (the founder of the Methodist movement) gathered Methodists together in a group of societies (think churches), classes (think Sunday School), and bands (think small groups). In these groups, members asked of themselves and each other a series of questions that were designed to recognize God’s work in their lives, and to be freed from not only the guilt but also the power of sin.

Bama Wesley’s Covenant Discipleship is based on the model developed by Wesley. As part of Ember and Phoenix Groups, students ask and are asked the following questions.

  1. How is it with your soul?
  2. Where have you seen or experienced the glory of God this week?
  3. How have you been tempted this week? Did you fall to it or overcome it? Tell the story.
  4. What questions do you have about life or faith?
  5. How have you shared your faith this week?

Ember Groups discuss only the first question, and Phoenix Groups discuss all five questions on a weekly basis.