Leadership at Bama Wesley

At Bama Wesley, we believe that part of our job is to help you grow as a leader not only in the church but as you go out into the world after graduation. This takes place both through our Discipleship Process and through our four core ministry areas of Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, and Outreach, as well as the Administration and Communications teams which help to support the entire ministry. One of our core beliefs is that Bama Wesley’s ministry should be student-led as much as possible, and so under the leadership of our interns nearly all of our programming and activities are imagined, planned, and executed by our leadership teams.

Leadership Meetings

Leadership Meetings are held generally monthly, and are open to any student who has completed the three Flight Path sessions. Once you have completed Soar, you will begin receiving notifications about the leadership meeting schedule.

The Teams

Ministry at Bama Wesley takes place primarily through our four core ministry area teams. Serving on a leadership team does not mean you can only participate in that team’s activities (more on that after this section), and in fact our goal is for students to engage with all teams. Rather, the leadership team on which you serve is the one where you will be helping to imagine, plan, and execute that team’s activities.


The Worship Team is primarily responsible for planning our weekly worship service, The Rising. Members of this team lead in all areas of planning the weekly service, including leading and participating in the worship band, operating audio/video equipment, and creating a physical space that reinforces the week’s message.


The Fellowship Team helps students to connect with each other through monthly events designed to create community in fun and unique ways. This ranges from events such as a Super Bowl Chili Cook-Off to our annual spring banquet to field trips to a pumpkin patch in the fall.


The Discipleship Team provides resources and opportunities to help students grow closer to God and become who God dreams them to be. This includes writing daily devotionals during the school year, coordinating Foundation Studies, and overseeing Bama Wesley’s discipleship process.


The Outreach Team helps students to connect with opportunities to serve the community and the campus through missions and service. In addition to creating opportunities each semester for students to serve outside of Wesley, the Outreach team coordinates our annual spring break mission trip.

Leadership Teams and Serve Teams

At Bama Wesley, leadership happens through both Leadership Teams and Serve Teams. In both cases, the only requirement is that you complete the three Flight Path sessions. All ministry areas have both leadership and serve teams.

Leadership Teams are the teams that do the high-level imagining and planning of each team’s activities. This is the group that you’ll meet with during leadership meetings. In general, students serve on only one leadership team, and should have a passion for the overall role of that team.

Serve Teams are the “boots on the ground” within each team that actually execute what is imagined and planned by the leadership team. Students can serve on multiple serve teams, and generally are not expected to do the high-level planning for that team.

Some examples:

  • You might be on the Fellowship leadership team for fellowship and help plan events, but also write devos as part of the Discipleship serve team
  • You might be on the Outreach leadership team and help make connect students with opportunities to serve on campus, but also be part of the band as part of the Worship serve team
  • You might be on the Worship leadership team and help imagine ways to help services reflect that week’s message, but also take pictures at events as part of the Communications serve team