Ministry as Career

As part of our commitment to helping students discover their God-ordained purpose, Bama Wesley offers unique opportunities for students discerning a call to vocational ministry – be that ordained or licensed pastoral ministry, children’s or youth ministry, music ministry, or any other form of ministry in the local church or extension ministry setting. These opportunities allow students to engage firsthand in the ministry to which they believe they are called.

All Ministry as Career Students

All Ministry as Career (MAC) students receive intensive mentoring and coaching from Bama Wesley’s executive (pastoral) staff. Students discerning a call to worship, age-level, and other ministries are partnered with a mentor in a local church who commits to supporting them and actively allowing them to be actively engaged in leadership within that ministry. In all cases, this mentorship focuses not only on the development of technical skills such as preaching and worship leadership but on the student’s spiritual formation and understanding of their call.

Additionally, for students discerning a call to licensed or ordained ministry in North Alabama, in partnership with the North Alabama Conference Board of Ordained Ministry we help students enter the candidacy process where appropriate and discern their next steps following graduation.

Ministry-Specific Tracks

Licensed/Ordained Pastoral Ministry

In partnership with the Southwest District of the North Alabama Conference and Hargrove Memorial United Methodist Church, students who are discerning a call to licensed or ordained pastoral ministry are part of a rotation during Sunday morning worship at Hargrove. In this capacity, students are exposed to all aspects of worship planning and leadership including preaching, public prayer, and more, including extensive mentoring in planning and reviewing sermons.

How to Participate

For Students

If you are discerning a call to vocational ministry, we’d love to discuss this with you more. Click here to set up a meeting with a pastor.

For Churches

If your church would like to partner with Bama Wesley’s Ministry as Career program, we would love to discuss how you can be part of training the next generation of leaders in the church. Please note that we do have strict requirements for participating churches including (but not limited to):

  • The buy-in of church leadership including the pastoral staff, Staff-Parish Relations Committee, ministry leadership (such as the choir director or children’s/youth director), and congregation
  • The availability of a mentor with specific experience in the area of ministry in which you will be receiving a student, including a willingness to commit to up to two hours per week with that student and occasional meetings with Bama Wesley’s executive staff
  • A willingness to allow students to fully participate in the leadership of their ministry area
  • An adherence to the doctrinal standards of United Methodism and Wesleyan theology

If this is something you would like to discuss further, please contact our Executive Pastor, Rev. John Fleischauer, at