New Students

Whether you’re new to campus or just new to Bama Wesley, we can’t wait to meet you! We know going into a new group of people can be intimidating, so we want to give you some idea of what to expect. Have a question not answered here? Shoot us an email at and one of our staff will get you the answers you need.

Where to Find Us

Bama Wesley is located on the “God Quad” behind the Regions Bank on Bryant Drive and across Hackberry Lane from the Burke Residence Hall. We have parking available on-site, and if you’re taking the Crimson Ride the closest stop is Burke/Parham on the Crimson or Blue routes.

Meet Our Staff

Most likely, at some point you’ll meet one of our staff. To meet all of our staff members, including our pastoral staff and our student interns, click here.

Weekly Activities


Bama Wesley’s main event every week is The Rising, which begins at 8pm on Tuesday evenings and is held in our main worship room. We also offer a worship service on Sunday mornings, Wesley Traditions, which begins at 10:30am on Sunday mornings and is held in the chapel (follow the links for more details on each service).

Common Meals

Bama Wesley offers two free Common Meals each week at 11:30am on Mondays and 6pm on Thursdays. Both meals are free and open to any student who would like to join.

Small Groups

We offer small groups for both freshmen and upperclassmen which range from short-term GT (Growing Together) groups that focus on a particular activity (we’ve had everything from woodworking to sports to Final Fantasy!) to intensive Phoenix Groups (or, as we like to call them, P90X for the soul). We also have dedicated small groups for freshmen that meet for a year and give new students a chance to meet each other, connect with upperclassmen, and learn more about each other and campus. For more details on all of our small groups, as well as information on signing up for one, click here.

Other Events

These are just a small sampling of the near-daily events that happen at Bama Wesley. We also offer intramurals, regular events to help students get to know each other, and lots more. For more information, visit our calendar.

What to Wear

Hey, it’s a question we get a lot. At Bama Wesley, we completely get that it’s college. At all of our events, we have students wearing everything from what they wore while running before coming to the building to what they wore to a job interview. Either way, as long as you’re wearing clothes you’ll fit right in.

“What do you believe about _____?”

Bama Wesley is the United Methodist campus ministry to The University of Alabama, and as such we adhere to the teachings of The United Methodist Church (you can find more about what United Methodists believe by clicking here).

Here’s what you need to know, though: our students come from a wide range of backgrounds. We’ve got everyone from Catholics to Baptists to those who have never been in a church other than Wesley, and we think that’s a big part of what makes Wesley unique. Whatever you believe (or don’t believe), we want you to be part of the conversation we have about really big, important, complicated, messy issues. We believe that we’re all better off when we can have respectful, honest, (sometimes heated) conversations about the things that matter most in our lives. And we believe that none of us have all the answers, but that God calls us to be part of a community that tries to figure life out together. Most importantly, though, we believe that God’s grace is more powerful than we can imagine and that regardless of what you have in your past God longs to know you and be known by you. (And yes, that’s even in spite of what you’re thinking about as you read this. We promise.)

That said, if you have a particular issue or question, get in touch with one of our pastors. They’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and hear your questions.