Local Churches

If you’re a United Methodist, at Bama Wesley we’re your missionaries to the University of Alabama campus. We deeply value the partnership and support of churches in the Tuscaloosa area, throughout North Alabama, and beyond.

Ways to Partner

In addition to supporting Bama Wesley through United Methodist connectional giving, there are specific ways you can support Wesley’s ministry:

  • Include Bama Wesley in your Missions Budget: The single best way to support Bama Wesley is by including us as a line item in your missions budget with a regular disbursement (most churches do monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually). For more details, please contact administration@bamawesley.org.
  • Share non-monetary resources: If your church has a cooking team, a construction team, or even members who might be willing to share a lake house for us to use for a retreat, these can be hugely helpful in our ministry. Let us know and we’d love to talk about creative ways in which we can partner.
  • Invite us to worship: One of our pastors would love to bring some students and join you for worship one Sunday, either to preach or to simply offer greetings and share how your church can partner with Bama Wesley.
  • Other ways to partner: Throughout the school year, we’ll often have special opportunities for churches to partner with us, whether that’s sponsoring scholarships for a retreat, providing meals and snacks for students during exam week, or helping out around the building. If you’d be interested in helping out as needed, let us know and we’ll be in touch as these needs arise.

Ready to get involved? Shoot us an email at wesley@bamawesley.org with how you’d like to partner with us (even if it’s just letting us know you’re able to help with whatever is needed!) and we’ll talk about next steps.