Ways to Pray for Your College Student

One of the best ways to support your son or daughter while they’re in college is to pray for them. Below are some suggestions of specific ways you can cover them in prayer while they’re in Tuscaloosa.


To be certain, academics are the main reason your student is here. Certainly pray for them to do well academically (trust us, they will be too particularly around big tests!), but also that they would develop the study habits and skills early that will set them up for a successful academic career.

Stress Level

College is an incredibly stressful time for students. Between classes, extracurriculars, friendships, and any number of other things, they have increasingly rigorous demands on their time and energy. Pray for them to experience freedom from the stress that comes with those demands, and that they would find healthy ways of coping with the stress when it does inevitably come.


During their college years, students form relationships that, in many cases, will last the rest of their lives. Whether these are dating relationships or potentially lifelong friendships, pray that your son or daughter would find their place on campus and be part of a community where they are loved and supported through the highs and lows of college life.


Their college years are some of the most formative to your son or daughter’s identity as they discover who they are apart from you, their childhood friends, and everything else by which they’ve always defined themselves. Pray that they would discover their God-given identity, and that their time in college would help them to discover who God has uniquely created them to be.


Whether they came to campus knowing exactly what their major would be and what they’d do with it, or still aren’t completely sure about their major as they head into their junior year, all college students are in the process of discovering their purpose. Pray that they would discover the meaning behind their major, and that they would see the unique purpose that they were created to fulfill.