We know that it can be an anxiety-inducing moment when you get an alert that Tuscaloosa is under a tornado warning or that classes have been canceled for half an inch of snow. We’ve compiled some information that may be helpful in understanding weather situations in Tuscaloosa, and how you can best help your student prepare for them.

Common Weather-Related Hazards in Tuscaloosa

We’ve put together resources for some of the most common weather-related hazards in Tuscaloosa:


If there has been a severe weather event and you are concerned about your child’s safety, your best option is to contact UAPD at (205) 348-5454. While Bama Wesley’s pastors and staff will make every effort to help you connect with your student if you are unable to reach them following an emergency situation, our first priority is connecting with and caring for our students.

If you or your student have questions about weather preparedness in Tuscaloosa, including help making a plan in case severe weather does impact the Tuscaloosa area, students can email to set up a time to chat, and parents can email

Office of Emergency Management

While we make every effort to keep the resources listed here up to date, the best source for information about the University’s safety and preparedness plans is the Office of Emergency Management, which has the resources and responsibility for ensuring students safety both on campus and for students living off-campus in the Tuscaloosa area.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide useful information both in preparing for and during severe weather events: