Winter Weather

While not as common as severe weather, winter weather does occasionally affect the Tuscaloosa area. Unlike other parts of the country, though, winter weather in Tuscaloosa more commonly takes the form of icy conditions than snow.

The most important thing during winter weather conditions is for students to monitor and follow the guidance of the University and other local authorities. Because winter weather is relatively less common in Tuscaloosa, the city has fewer resources for clearing roads and other such activities than those in more northern climates. Thus, snow and ice events that may seem relatively minor to those used to dealing with them can have a significant impact on the city.

How to Prepare

There are a few basic steps students can take to be prepared for winter weather conditions:

  • Follow the guidance of the University and other local officials, particularly related to travel restrictions. During significant winter weather events, roads may be closed, and students should heed those restrictions.
  • During the winter months, keep a blanket, extra coat, boots, and other supplies in your vehicle in the event it becomes disabled.
  • Keep cell phone batteries charged when traveling, and consider purchasing a power bank to keep in the car.
  • If living off-campus, keep the thermostat set above 60 degrees, ensure windows and doors are closed, and report any leaking pipes to your landlord or apartment complex management.
  • If winter weather is forecast, stock extra nonperishable food in case travel is restricted.

For more information, visit UA’s Office of Emergency Management website.