Freshley is Bama Wesley just for Freshmen and is open to new students throughout the school year. At Freshly, you can expect:


Intentional Faith Development

Using Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life, freshmen are introduced to the five core purposes of the Christian life, and the guiding values that make up the Bama Wesley ecosystem. Through group reading and discussion, and Q&As with Bama Wesley Officers, Freshmen will integrate worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism into their personal lives. Through this, they will be given tools to claim their own faith, rather than inheriting the faith of their parents/grandparents.

Life-Giving Freshmen Friendships

Because of the constant turnover rate of college friendships due to graduations and transfers, it is imperative to solidify class-specific relationships. Freshley offers a space for freshmen to develop meaningful friendships with other members of their graduating class. Beyond weekly group discussions, Freshley also offers extra hangouts— group outings, cookouts, and more—to facilitate these opportunities.

Upperclassmen Mentorship

While freshmen friendships are vital, freshmen also need guidance from people who have been in their shoes. Because freshmen year can feel lonely and disorienting, Freshley offers each freshman an upperclassmen mentor (think “Big Brother/Big Sister”). These mentors offer support, guidance, and a listening ear as freshmen navigate their first year in college.

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