Lies about Others 1

Logan Henderson
John 13:35
Here Jesus gives His famous “new commandment” and shakes Judaism to the core by re-contextualizing all of God’s laws into two: Love God and love people. That’s a quote that’s been thrown on everything from bumper stickers to water-bottles, and I love it so much. It reminds me of two important truths.
1.) All of God’s laws and rules are made for us to know more about Him and love Him more. By getting at the root of why God tells us to do something, we can learn about Him as He freely offers Himself to us in relationship.
2.) All of my love (and your love, dear reader) is closely tied to how much God has loved us. If a defining characteristic of Christianity is “love”, it seems like a lot. We’ve got to be insanely selfless and love all people. That’s a big job. But understanding that our love for each other comes from realizing more about how God loves us, that we can and should model our love after His, takes so much of the stress and pressure away from that. I don’t have to stretch myself thin trying to be everyone’s best friend or say hey to everybody I see. Instead all I have to do is seek to know and love God, and then love who I can.
That’s how others see our God. Day-to-day, it’s not loving everyone a little, it’s loving someone a lot.

Lie: The Bible is a roadmap for life

Ruth Hallstead
John 20:31
“The Bible is a roadmap for life”. This is something we hear all the time, and it’s an unfortunate fallacy.Not only does it take away from the true purpose of the Bible, it can hurt people that are living with uncertainty and confusion (so, everyone at some point). The Bible can offer much in the way of guidance, but it is a primarily a roadmap for salvation, for the next life and not this life. This should not discount reading the Bible. It’s THE most important book for our lives. The Bible teaches us the way to eternal life, the way to love Jesus, and to love other people. It is meant for finding salvation and relationship with God. It can teach us new ways to pray and praise. It shows us people of incredible faith, and gives us examples to look up to. The Bible is incredible, and we can never forget that. But keeping in mind its true purpose, that it is written so we might believe can never be pushed aside.
Thank you for Your word. Guide us in using it to love you even better, to truly believe no matter what. Lord allow us to lean into Your promise of salvation. We love You, help us to love Your word just as much.

Lie: Being a Christian is stressful

David Conour
Galatians 6:2
If you’re anything like me, Wade probably dropped a few bombshells on you in last week’s sermon. Some of them probably hit a little close to home, and might have been more than a little difficult to swallow. With that being said, I want to spend a little more time exploring one of the lies Wade discussed. Namely, the lie that being a Christian is stressful. I think that it can be very easy to misconstrue this and take it to mean that if you are a good enough Christian, God will make sure that nothing bad or difficult ever happens to you, and that if bad things arehappening to you, then you must not be a good enough Christian. What I think it is actually trying to say is this: God supports us in both our good times and our bad, and when we are having a bad time, whether it’s a tough school day, losing a family member, or fighting with a friend, relying on God makes that difficult situation seem totally manageable. There are a number of ways that God supports us through hard times, and I think a major one is that He puts people in our lives that help to prop us up when the world is trying to tear us down. Likewise, God puts us in other people’s lives so that we may help lighten their burdens just as they lighten our own. It might not always feel like you’re doing much, but sometimes just being someone who listens is all that is needed from you. You don’t always have to move Heaven and Earth in order to support someone.
Father God,
Keep my eyes turned towards You. When life gets hard, don’t let me turn away from You, let me lean on You instead. Help me to lean on You by relying on the people You put in my life, and help me to see when those people need to rely on me as well. All this in Your Son’s holy name I pray,

Lie: Jesus is JUST my best friend

Hannah Alford
Isaiah 9:6

I’m gonna start this off by saying there is a big JUST in the statement,“Jesus is just my best friend” because I firmly believe that one of the roles Jesus and God for that matter plays in our lives is that of a friend. But he has to be more than just that, and to illustrate that fact, I’m gonna turn to a camp song (and old contemporary worship song according to David). The song is called “You are Holy” and there is a section where you just list out all the names for Jesus listed in the Bible, so let’s begin shall we! “You are Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Mighty God, Lord of Everything, Emmanuel, Great I am, Prince of Peace, Who is the Lamb, Living God, Saving Grace, Alpha, Omega, Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, and Friend.” I love this song so much because it reminds me that as much as I enjoy treating Jesus as my friend, his influence doesn’t stop there. That fact does not diminish the relationship that’s already there, but it adds a new perspective, and provides you with a new respect and recognition of Jesus. So try to think of Jesus in a new light, my personal favorite is “Living God, Saving Grace” I mean how cool is that! Jesus is more than just your friend, he is a whole long list of amazing things and he loves us a whole lot, so try to recognize the different roles he plays throughout our lives.
Hey God!
Thank you so much for this day and the opportunity we have to share your love on campus. Allow us to see Jesus as more than just a friend, and through this realization let us grow closer to you. See that our paths may follow the vision you have for us and that even if we lose sight of what is important in our lives, you draw us back to you. In your precious and holy name,

Lie: Worship just isn’t my thing

Charlie Warren
Colossians 3:16
Worship is a term that can be used to cover many different actions in our faith. In its most narrow and popular definition, worship is the act of singing praises to God. While every type of worship is encouraged and important, sometimes the broad definition of worship causes us to
dismiss the importance of worship of the narrow definition. We sit in service on Sunday and distractedly sing along to the hymns because we’re just “not feeling it that week” or “I worship in other ways besides singing”. I know I’ve felt this way more times than I care to admit. What we must remember is that songs of praise are an opportunity for us to joyfully praise our Creator. Worship is a unique opportunity to share the joy of our faith in community with others,and that makes it vital in our relationship with God. Worship draws the heart closer to God, and that is a practice we can’t afford to have any shortage of. I encourage you next time you find yourself in service not to view the worship as just another part of the service, but as an opportunity for you to express your love of God with your community of faith.
God, what better way for us to grow closer to you than to shout for joy and love of you in community with others. Help us remember that worship of You is not a requirement, but a privilege, and that we must fully partake every chance we have.

Lie: Being a Christian is Stressful

Terry Mantooth
Isaiah 41:10

“Being a Christian is not stressful.” You might hear that statement and wonder how that’s possible. But it’s true! God may put you into situations that get you out of your comfort zone, but with trust in Him that he’ll lead you through it, He’ll take that stress away. He wants to stress for you. I love Isaiah 41:10 because God promises He will make us strong, and never leave our side. He will be alongside us in everything we do to strengthen others in faith and grow ourselves. He tells us not to fear, and stress is a type of fear. His plans for you are great,and He wants you to grow. Nothing, and no one, ever grows by staying in the same place.  So next time you begin feeling like being a Christian is stressing you out, pray about it and rememberthat God doesn’t want you to stress, He wants you to grow and spread the good news about Him.
Lord, next time I begin to find being a Christian stressful, help me to remember that You are always by my side and will lead me through everything I ever do. Amen.