Fate or Consequences 4


Logan Henderson

Jeremiah 40:1-6

So, in case you didn’t pick it up from the five times the writer points it out, Nebuzaradan is, in fact, the captain of the guard. But that’s not really the point of this devo. The point is that Jeremiah is set free because He followed God’s Path. That’s what this whole sermon series has been about, so I want to be even clearer. Jeremiah was set free from worldly oppressors, from actual people. We can also have freedom from people, but God doesn’t stop there for us. As we follow His plan, talk to Him through prayer, and learn about Him through worship and discipleship, we are set free from a lot of sins or poisonous thoughts that keep us chained and unable to accomplish the path God has laid for us. In other words, God sees you for who you are (including all your mistakes) and still fights to set you free from those things because He hopes better things for you. He wants you to fulfill your purpose in life, because He designed you and what you’re here for. So, as this week keeps going, I’m sure there are past events, or sins, or relationships in your life that you feel chained to, or that you believe you’ll never escape. Remember that Jesus is the God who sets captives free. Rejoice in that!!!

Lord, I give you my life. All of the parts I’m not proud of and the sins I give into and the relationships I wish were better. Would you redeem them for your Kingdom’s sake, however you want to? I want to do what you put me here to do, so please guide me on that path Father. Thank you that I’m even able to speak to you now, and that I have access to talk to you without having to go to a building or say a certain prayer. Thank you for calling me to a relationship, not merely to practice religion. Open my eyes to see you in the world around me, and to help those who need to see you today God. Amen (or Let it be so)


Fate or Consequences 3


Ruth Hallstead

Romans 6:1-14

14 For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.”

One of the things that non-Christians are often confused by and Christians struggle with is freedom of choice (and sometimes apparent lack of freedom). The idea that there are all these “rules” that come with being a Christian can seem daunting, silly, or even restrictive. For me, this passage is one of many that helps explain away all that trepidation. The old life is gone. I no longer have to fear or live a life out of control. The key for me is reframing it from a “have to” to a “get to”. Now, I get to live in love. While that may sometimes mean making an unpopular or otherwise very difficult choice, it’s a privilege. It is a great joy of mine that I get to live differently because of what Jesus died for me and because of the love and grace poured out for me. Does that make difficult choices easy? Not always. But it often makes them easier. Not only that, when I get to make a choice to love, to live as Jesus wants me to live, it’s a reminder of the freedom I’ve been given in this new life.

Lord, thank you for choices. Even when they’re hard. Even when they make me go against the status quo. Thank you for allowing me to say goodbye to sin and hello to a new life in You full of “get to’s” and free from “have to’s”. Help me to remember the privilege you’ve given me when I feel stuck or lost. Guide me in turning to You first. Allow me to offer myself to you as an instrument of righteousness. In Your name, Amen

Fate or Consequences 2


Hannah Alford

“…God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us. For in him we live and move and have our being…” Acts 17:24-28

As college students we are faced with choices big and small on a daily basis. One thing you might be starting to learn is how responsible of your own actions you’re becoming. When something goes great, “I did that and I’m really proud of myself” and when something goes not so great, “I really screwed up this time.” Our actions are defining who we are and who we want to be as a person, so, what kind of person are you showing the world? Actions do not exist without consequences, and although that word seems scary it’s just the result of an action. God will always be with us, waiting for us to make the decision to want to grow closer to him, and maybe you’re not ready to make that decision yet. But have trust in God because as long as you are bringing your own heart after him you will see that many of your actions have a positive consequence on you and the community around you!

Hey God!

Allow my actions to be a representation of my relationship with you. Continue to draw me closer to you in this time of change in my life and support me in my endeavors. Allow me to make a positive impact on those around me and guide me to live like you.


Fate or Consequences 1


John Austin Higginbotham

“As indeed He says in Hosea, “those who were not my people I will call ‘My People’, and she who was not beloved I will call ‘Beloved’. And in the very place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people’, there they shall be called children of the living God.”  Romans 9:25-26

In college, it can be difficult to know who you are in God. Plenty of people around you have ideas of who you are and what you should be. Whether it’s parents or friends, many have expectations of you that you are asked to fulfill. In a busy and loud atmosphere, with many people vying for your attention and your “identity”, it can seem hard to find what your true purpose and identity is. Zedekiah, in our recent series believed that he owed his identity and himself to those around him and was torn between his subjects and his Babylonian masters. This wasn’t helped by the fact that he was 21 years old and a newly-made king. Jeremiah however, noted that we should look to God, not the world around us for purpose. For in God alone we find peace, comfort, and ultimately an identity. As Romans reminds us, even when we think we are known by our hometowns, our majors, or any of the other labels given to us by others, God alone knows us from the inside out. And in Him alone we find out reason for being.

Oh Lord, we invite you into our hearts. When everyone else is telling us who we are, let us remember that you truly have our best interest at heart always. That you have dreams and aspirations for us that are bigger and grander than we could ever imagine. And that with you Lord, we have a true and unwavering purpose. Lord open our eyes to your will. In your name we pray, amen.

Deceptive Words 3



Amelia Volpe


“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

-Proverbs 13:20

College is difficult, there’s no doubt about that. There’s a flood of new things to try and no parental supervision, and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed or to make decisions that you later regret! With so many options, we often have trouble discerning what’s right and what’s wrong! Thank goodness we have the Bible, because it gives some pretty great advice! In Proverbs, we are reminded that the wisdom of those around us is a great resource! Even when our temptations seem unique, there’s usually someone who’s gone through something similar and has wisdom to share. So often God speaks to us through other people, so it’s important that we find those people and listen to God’s wisdom coming from them. There are a lot of temptations on and off campus, and usually they sound really, really appealing. Fortunately, God is also prevalent, and we know that His wisdom and love are so much greater than anything sin has to offer!


God, thank you for the incredible opportunity that is college! Help me to grow in discernment and wisdom, and to navigate through all of these temptations. Thank you for providing me with people who love you and are willing to share their experiences and your wisdom with me! In your name always, amen.

Deceptive Words 2



Hannah Alford

“…God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us. For in him we live and move and have our being…”

-Acts 17: 24-28


What are you doing on a daily basis to honor God and how are you developing that relationship? Trust me, these are not easy questions and I wish I had an answer on the best way to do it, but I don’t. Too often we punish ourselves at the thought of not going to church or making a not so good decision at a swap. That we forget at the end of the day, God wants us to come to him with open arms, not shame and regret. In college there are so many temptations around you that pull you away from God. Worshiping your Instagram feed or Rounders routine, the list is endless. But you are strong, you are loved, and God is not far away to bring you back home with open arms when you live faithfully with the Lord.


Hey God!

Thank you so much for this day and the opportunity we have on this campus to spread your love on a daily basis. Remind us that you are never far from us. Pick up us when we stray from you and draw our hearts closer with your overwhelming love. Let us live faithfully in you and be for us a reminder that we are made by you in love and acceptance. Let us bring glory to you on this campus Almighty God, now and forever.