Listening to this song, AC/DC sounds pretty sure of their destination and the route they’re taking to get there.  Now, for me, the idea of being on a Highway to Hell is a little frightening (I’ve read really bad reviews), but upon further reflection I realized this metaphorical highway is […]

Highway to Hell (Friday)

by Hannah Alford On Monday, we learned that God is always holding us accountable for our actions, but when we make those mistakes, what’s next? In the song “Highway to Hell” the singer believe that his only option for the actions he’s taken is hell. But that’s just not the […]

Highway to Hell (Wednesday)

by Ruth Hallstead The song Highway to Hell makes it sound like life is a blast when you don’t answer to anybody and do what you want. At some level, it seems like “living easy, living free” is a nice way to live. No responsibilities, no worries, nothing… and for […]

Highway to Hell (Monday)

by Cristina Bolton (with a little input from Alexi :)) The song, “I Got You Babe” seems to follow these two lovers journey in their relationship. It tells how they are always by each other’s sides and are seemingly inseparable, even to the point of repeating “I got you babe”. This […]

I’ve Got You Babe (Friday)

by Hannah Alford Monday we learned that about how service can be hard when you’re young. But what about when you start to run low on resources? Resources can mean anything; it can be time, money, even motivation, and God will always be right there to provide for us. 2 […]

I Got You Babe (Wednesday)

by Ruth Hallstead Last week we learned all about stepping up to serve others. That can be hard for so many reasons, and unfortunately the biggest reason is something we have absolutely no control over; our age and experience level. So often, we are discounted and pushed to the side. […]

I Got You Babe (Monday)

Many of you probably know about the parable of the Good Samaritan. As is my norm, in case you don’t, quick story time (for the full version check out Luke 10:25-37ish).  Okayyyy…. So. This guy is walking down the road and he gets attacked and is hurting pretty bad and […]

A Thousand Miles (Wednesday)

by Hannah Alford On campus, we can get in a rut just thinking about ourselves and our needs and wants. How many times a day do we say the word “I” when Paul calls us to be servants of God under the direction of Jesus. Romans 12:1 states. “Therefore, I […]

A Thousand Miles (Tuesday)

….and you were sad, very sad without the usual crowd. Check out today’s devo! (there’s no more cringe-worthy parodying, promise) by Ruth Hallstead There are people in this word that will drop everything the second they are needed by another. That somebody you can call (and wake up) at 2 […]

A Thousand Miles (Monday)

Mark 5:21-34 Do you ever feel like you’re so busy you might explode?  Just me?  When I get overstressed, my first move is to lock myself away in a study room and tell my friends that I’ll see them another time.  Far too often, my work comes first and people […]

What’s Your Name (Thursday)